KB-IKTB-100 - Keyboard with Integrated Trackball

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  • Constructed using a highly rugged, stainless steel case and industrial silicone rubber pad
  • Sealed to NEMA 4X specifications
  • Integrated backlighting:
    • Green LED backlighting for use in low-light environments
  • Integrated Trackball:
    • device with completely sealed 25-mm unit
    • operated using sealed stainless steel switches with left, right and middle click functions
More Information
Product Name KB-IKTB-100 - Keyboard with Integrated Trackball
Product Dimension (D x W x H) 1.32" x 14.80" x 5.72" ; 33.5mm x 376mm x 144.3mm
Certification NEMA 4X, IP65
Shock 3x11 ms pulses of 50g on each of 3 axis
Cable Length: 10 feet (3.05 meters) ; Design: "Y" PS/2 Cable (providing separate keyboard and mouse connections), or USB cable - See more at: http://www.ikey.com/product/dbl-810-tb/#sthash.Y8icVTMD.dpuf
Key Switch
  • Material: Industrial silicone rubber
  • Life: Greater Than 10 Million Cycles
  • Travel: 0.055 in. (1.4 mm)
  • Actuation Force: 7.05oz +/- 1.05oz (200g +/- 30g)
  • Feedback: Tactile with mechanical snap
  • Power Spectral Density: 0.04g/Hz
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 2 kHz
  • Duration of Test per Axis: 3 hours
  • PS2 / Keyboard: 200mA@5V (from keyboard port)
  • Trackball: 20mA@5V (from mouse port)
  • USB: 220mA@5V (from CPU port)
  • PS/2 Keyboard/Trackball: All Windows Operating Systems
  • USB Keyboard/Trackball: All Windows and Macintosh OS
Operating Environment
  • Temperature: 0C to +65C (+32F to +149F)
  • Humidity: 100% Humidity Resistant
Storage Environment
  • Temperature: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F)
  • Humidity: 100% Humidity Resistant
Weight (Lbs) 4.4000
Warranty 1 year
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